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Heart-shaped Handle Coffee Mug

Heart-shaped Handle Coffee Mug

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Brace yourself, Valentine's Day is coming.

And we have something here that's way better than some nonsensical price-inflated flowers that will end up in the garbage a few days later!

The Heart-shaped Handle Coffee Mug has a handle that is shaped like a heart, with the handle forming half of the heart, with the body of the mug being indented to form the other half.

Aww, so sweet, isn't it?

A perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one who loves coffee, the heart handle coffee mug is yet another gift to give on a meaningless holiday made up by card companies to sell their overpriced cards because you're too lazy to write your own message to your loved one.

Nothing says 'I Love You' like handing them a card written by someone else, and your writing your name at the bottom, like here, this is what I think about you, I just didn't have the brains to think it up myself.

The Heart-shaped Handle Coffee Mug is made from bone china and porcelain, comes in red or black colors to choose from, and can hold up to 14 oz of liquid.

Hint: Add in her favorite coffee to give her a euphoric rush of feels which will certainly land you some brownie points to be redeemed later in the night.

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