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Coffee Lovers Wall Clock

Coffee Lovers Wall Clock

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Get your caffeine fix with every tick-tock!

This 12" diameter Coffee Lovers Wall Clock serves up more than just the time - it's a daily reminder of your love for the bean. With its stylishly designed coffee cups, beans and steam, you'll never have to look too far for a coffee break.

The clock runs on reliable quartz movement, ensuring that your time is as accurate as your caffeine intake. Whether you're brewing up a pot in the morning, sipping an espresso during a mid-day break, or enjoying a cappuccino after dinner, this clock will help you keep track of time in style.

Ideal for kitchen, office or coffee shop, this clock is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs and addicts alike.

So, forget the old adage "time is money" - with this clock, time is coffee!

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